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Welcome To Strawberry Moon

Welcome to our gift shop,  a treasure trove of unique finds and heartfelt delights.  Nestled in the heart of Cedar Crest, NM, Strawberry Moon Market is a whimsical store for those seeking the perfect gift or a little something special to brighten their day.

Step inside and immerse yourself in a world of enchantment.

Strawberry Moon Market is a wonderful spot to shop and purchase unique items crafted by local artisans and vendors. The environment is very friendly and welcoming to visitors, check it out and you will soon become a fan!

Code, template and others are very good. The support has served me immediately and solved my problems when I need help. Are to be congratulated.

Support and response has been amazing, helping me with several issues I came across and got them solved almost the same day. A pleasure to work with them!

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